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Previously a vacuum excavation service provider under the Master Locators, Inc. brand, Level A Underground Solutions, LLC was started in 2019 on the foundation of an experienced and trusted SUE support service provider. As Master Locators merged its GPR and CCTV division with utility locating industry leader GPRS,  it became clear that they were going to need our help in providing their customers with comprehensive SUE support services. We knew that there also may be others out there who could use our help as well. Formed by previous members of Master Locators leadership team Kevin Sareyka and Eric Woelkers, Level A was formed with the goal of becoming the most trusted service provider of Level A data to utility locators, engineers, and others involved in SUE.

Level A Underground Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality Air and Hydro vacuum excavation services on the market. Working together as partners with Civil Engineers and Utility Locators, we help companies provide comprehensive SUE services for their clients, without the need to make large capital investments in trucks and be experts in truck maintenance. By remaining a family owned business, and solely devoted to vacuum excavation, Level A provides our clients with the flexibility to focus on what they do best, while we take care of the digging.

Level A has years of experience providing vacuum excavation, and offers a variety of equipment options to accommodate any type of project that our customers have.

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Kevin Sareyka

Kevin Sareyka

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Woelkers

Eric Woelkers

Chief Operating Officer

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