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Our services support the Subsurface Utility Engineering industry.

Air and Hydro Vacuum Excavation

We provide vacuum excavation services with air or water for fast, non-destructive, cost effective, and accurate location of underground utilities. Exposing a utility is necessary when utility conflicts exist or when precise excavation within congested area is required. A small area of pavement is removed by coring or jackhammer. The coring service that we offer allows us to cut and remove a clean, intact section of concrete to set aside and use to fill the hole once the excavation is finished.

Vacuum excavation uses a vacuum to dig by breaking apart earth material with high pressure water or air. The soil will then travel through a hose which is mounted to a truck that holds the debris. After the excavation is finished, the typical method to repair the hole is with cold patch. If coring is done, then the core can be reinstated, which eliminates the need to pour new concrete.

  • Test Holes
  • Trenching
  • Exploratory Digging
  • Excavations
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering Support

Subsurface Utility Engineering Support

Our services support the SUE industry by providing information on underground utilities. We provide Level A utility data in accordance with ASCE 38-02, for the most precise information on underground utilities. While we provide Level A data with vacuum excavation, we also coordinate Level B utility data when necessary.

Traffic Control

As a consulting firm often performing work in roadways or intersections, we understand the need for reliable and attentive traffic control services. By providing our own traffic control, we ensure that our projects are completed without complications, and with the highest quality of work all around. Not only do we run the traffic control for our own projects, we also provide traffic control to meet any of our customers traffic needs.


As a complementary service, we provide jetting for cleaning out utility lines.

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