Rogers Builder – Ballantyne Reimagined

GPRS and Level A teamed up to provide Quality Level B and Level A utility data including 89 test holes to support the design for existing and new utilities.  

  • Date: 2021
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Project Type: Subsurface Utility Engineering Support

the challenge

Because Ballantyne will continue development over many years, Ballantyne Reimagined includes strategic phasing of new development as opportunities are identified and considered. ”  Learn More

With that vision in mind, the client needed retained access to key utility locations and depths long after the field work was completed.

the solution

GPRS and Level A teamed up to provide utility designation and location services.  GPRS performed a Level B mark out and collected GPS coordinates of the results.  Level A followed behind with vacuum excavation on 89 target utilities.  Level A included PVC pipe and capping into the restoration process which will allow the client to access to the utility depth post field work.

The Results

Level A provided GPRS with a KMZ file to include in its reporting.  Rogers Builders also received a test hole listing in excel format with data specific to each test hole performed.

Click below to get a more in depth look at the results:

Test Hole Spreadsheet

GPRS/Level A Combined Report

Overall, a savings of $4.62 per every $1.00 spent on upgrading traditional quality level D and/or C data to quality level B and A data was quantified through a study conducted by Purdue University across 70 highway projects.

test holes

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